Interview with Duranik A Sturmwind game developer for Dreamcast - Author Rolly



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Let's get started!

Rolly : How long have you been making games?
Duranik : We started making games on the Atari ST back in the 80s, most of this stuff was never released as it where just little small games. In 1996 we released Impulse on the Atari Falcon, this game is currently converted to the Jaguar bei MDGames
Later we created Alpine Games for the little Lynx Handheld System.

Rolly : Where in Germany can meet such Duranik and talk to him live?
Duranik : We prefer to stay in privacy ;) But we intend to visit the German jagfest one day..

Rolly : The team Duranik is only one person? You are responsible for programming, graphics, etc?
Duranik : We are 2 brothers, my brother is doing all the coding, I do all graphics and level design etc.

Rolly : Is the home-made games can make a living from this, or can also work elsewhere?
Duranik : This is just a hobby for us; of course we both have regular jobs where we go every day. That’s one part why it took so long to get it finished.

Rolly : How did the cooperation of a redspotgames - meeting, conference etc?
Duranik : Well, they knew we were developing something for the DC, so the bugged as long enough to publish it with redspotgames. Apart from this the communication is done with email.

Rolly : Native for Jaguar looks very nice, it was a prototype of Sturmwind?
Duranik : No, the games have nothing in common apart from both being shmups. There is no graphics or anything which is shared between those two projects.

Rolly : Where did the idea to create a game on the Dreamcast??
Duranik : I’m not 100% sure about this anymore, we discussed if an what we could work on, at the beginning we had the Mega Drive in mind, but ended up on DC as it seemed easier to get the necessary hardware..

Rolly : How was the DC Sturmwind tests passed since the beginning of a lot of improvements (on the plus) - are there any changes?
Duranik : There were probably around 250 changes and enhancements made since the beta test, as we had the time because of the production delays, we added lots of stuff that wasn´t planned initially.


Rolly : The game engine is based on libraries of KOS or is it something completely different?
Duranik : Yes, the game is based on KOS.

Rolly : There were some problems with the programming for DC?
Duranik : No, the Dreamcast is a very easy machine to handle.

Rolly : Soundtrack produced by the 505 ( ) lived up your expectations?
Duranik : We worked with 505 before and always loved his work, the soundtrack is great, and there is also a Sturmwind Audio CD which is bundled with the limited edition of the game.

Rolly : What makes Sturmwind from other similar games on the market?
Duranik : Sturmwind is developed for the "casual" Dreamcast fan, you don´t have to be a hardcore shooter maniac to see some later levels. If you have a couple of minutes spare time left and want to play something without going through a 20 page introduction, than this is for you.

Rolly : Dreamcast has a huge database issued on the console shooters, you're not afraid of criticism, for example, comparisons of the Border Down?
Duranik : Well of course there will be a lot of people crying it’s not Shenmue 3 :-), but you have to be realistic what you could develop with a very small team, otherwise you will not be able to finish anything. The other point is when we started with the game there were not many other shooters out, even under defeat was released afterwards.

Rolly : Do redspotgames said something about release date? Everyone is waiting with bated breath..
Duranik : We cannot say anything about a release date apart from "soon". You have to ask redspotgames for a more specific date.

Rolly : How many copies is planned to sell? Did you get this information?
Duranik : No not really, we have some ideas at which point we would consider it a success.

Rolly : I do not know if you saw but also the employees of SEGA tested your game and were very impressed! Congratulations!
Duranik : Oh really? That’s nice, didn´t know that, thanks.

Rolly : We have heard that it can get Sturmwind also be DLC? What it might be (ships, levels, and maybe some gallery CG) ?
Duranik : This is all tied to the SD Card, if you have a SD Card adapter plugged in your Dreamcast you get lots of additional features, DLC would be one of them. There is no DLC at the moment this all depends on the success.

Rolly : How will the support VMU? It will be something on it to happen? For example, displays the current score?
Duranik : There is VMU support, weapons will be shown etc. nothing really groundbreaking. At the beginning we thought about little VMU games, but to be honest, it’s not really worth the time, no one ever wrote anything about the VMU display during the whole beta test..

Rolly : Network will be able to show off the result ranking, eg on the official site??
Duranik : There is a worldwide leaderboard with rankings etc. This will be on our website.

Rolly : Is the option for two players is planned?
Duranik : It was planned at the beginning but skipped, now it’s too late to add this. Thinking about this now it would have been a nice feature.

Rolly : Is there still a chance that you produce a commercial SEGA Dreamcast game or other console?
Duranik : We have currently no plans on new projects.

A few quick questions at the end.

Rolly : Favorite game?
Duranik : Uncharted 1-3

Rolly : Favorite development studio?
Duranik : Naughty Dog

Rolly : Best shmup?
Duranik :  Under Defeat

Rolly : Best game on the Dreamcast?
Duranik : Soul Calibur

Rolly : Be the first may be in Poland? Any opinions about our country? Are you going to Euro2012?
Duranik : Unfortunately we never have been in Poland so far, perhaps we have the chance to change this in the future, theres great stuff coming from Poland for the old 8 bit computers these days. And we are watching the EuroMundial on TV.

Thanks for the interview and I hope all polish Dreamcast fans will enjoy Sturmwind.

Best regards - Johannes & Roland Graf / Duranik