L.O.L Lack of Love - English Translation Project For SEGA Dreamcast


Hello all Love-de-lic, ASCII, Nishi and Sakamoto fans!
We are starting a newl project to translate the DC game from Japanese to English!
... Earth has become over-populated. Natural resources are over-burdened and there is much civil unrest. We need to find a solution. The L.O.L. project is our last hope. A robot named Halumi will be constructed and sent into space to find a planet suitable for us. The planet can then be colonised and we can once again live in comfort...

** Project Donation : https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=M7B64JW4BUNVU
If you have a problem with PayPal / CreditCard, use at alternative link : www.paypal.me/segasky or https://buycoffee.to/segasky

 Localization Team

Rolly - Project head, translation, implementation, hack, GFX and more...
RafaGam - main game & magazine translator / proofreader
japanese-cake - VGA hacker

Download links :
Patch Files+Readme: Download | Audiotracks:
Download | CDI Image with VGA Patch: Download
Standalone VGA Patch by JC : Download | Mid-quality Intro Movie : Download
Lazyboot : Link 1 | Mirror Link | Promo Magazine Bonus : Link | VMU LCD Icon Bonus : Link | UniversalDreamcastPatcher : Link

 LOL News 

23.02.2020 VGA mode hacked!
JC did it again! This is another game in which VGA mode has been unlocked! Thank you very much for working on the patch! Don't forget to follow the japanese-cake profile and support him as much as you can.

31.01.2020 Project completed.
The translation has been completed! All that's left is to prepare the patch and patch application instructions. As a bonus, we've added translated scans of the interview with the developers and an icon on the VMU memory card lcd screen! The premiere of the patch: February 14. Check the "Readme" file!

18.01. 2020 Playtest completed!
Thanks to lackoflove (our playtester and LoL-fan) the translation has been verified and is full playable. Small important information - the patch will work only for .CDI image (emulators, real console, GDEMU etc.). and not will contain VGA patch..

10.01. 2020 Project finish is near...
The game has been fully translated! Currently we looking a playtesters and making typo/bugs corrections. The game will additionally contain a bigger font and better quality start screen. Patch premiere - Feb. 2020! We also fight with VGA patch, to work on real hardwarde.

30.12. 2019 Script translation is over!
Now it's time to edit and compress files and many game tests. Here are some of the new screens and the first video preview!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdy1YFM7Zzc

12.12. 2019 Project website starts!
We managed to export all the text and graphics from orginal GD-ROM. There should also be no problems with translating. More information coming soon.

 Contact, info, links 

* SEGA-SKY Portal : http://sega.c0.pl or  @ kontakt(at)sega.c0.pl
* Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/c/SEGASKYPortal
* Twitter : https://twitter.com/SEGA_SKY
* Discord (Do you want help me, PM, talk about project or what's next?) : https://discord.com/invite/JvzZSsT

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