Lost Golem - English Translation Project For SEGA Dreamcast


Hello world!
The Lost Golem (Golem no Maigo aka  ゴーレムのまいご) english translation project is finished!

Lost Golem (Golem no Maigo in Japan) is puzzle/logic game and was released in 2000 (Japan only) for the Sega Dreamcast console made by small studio - Caramelpot. It is an extremely rare game with only about 500 copies sold in it's first year.

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 Localization Team  

Rolly - Project head, translation, implementation, hack, GFX and more...
RafaGam - translation / proofreader
Cargodin - translation

Download links :
Patch :
Click here | VMU DLC : Click here | GDI Image : Download Link
Lazyboot (Dreamcast selfboot tool) : Link 1 | Mirror Link
UniversalDreamcastPatcher : Link

Golem News  

14.12. 2019 We have it!
Here is a Christmas present for all fans of the SEGA Dreamcast console. The patch is complete and ready to download. Full support for .CDI and .GDI images. Have fun! Don't forget read a README note!

6.12. 2019 Play.. playtest!
Playtest completed. The translation is complete and playable. The patch will work for both .CDI and .GDI files. We also have a bonus in the form of found saves from the game with additional map packs!
The patch premiere before Christmas. Download links will be available soon!

18.11. 2019 Finish is near...
The game has been translated! Currently the last playtests and corrections are underway. The game will additionally contain bonus DLC. Downloadable from Golem Net! I will try to make both CDI and GDI images work. Premiere - December 2019! Last video test : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuO6aPfKifA

2.11. 2019 Script translation is over!
Now it's time to edit and compress files and many game tests. Here are some of the new screens and the first video test!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLU_CEdOmfI

6.10. 2019 Project website starts!
We managed to export all the text and graphics from orginal GD-ROM. There should also be no problems with translating FMV from TLG, because developers uses the simple MPEG codec. More information coming soon.

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