RUN=DIM as BLack Soul - English Translation for Sega Dreamcast

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We started with a translation from Japanese to English this nice mecha turn-based strategy RPG for SEGA Dreamcast : RUN=DIM as Black Soul (ランディム アズ ブラックソウル), made by Idea Factory & Yuki. It will be a must-play for fans of series such as Front Mission or SRW.
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 Who support us? :
Zach Catel, Krootox1986, Impacto, Wilko Bartels, Justin Coburn, SyDo.
Thanks guys!

 Localization Team :
Rolly - project head, translation, implementation, hack, graphics, sound
RafaMGam - lead translator, playtester
esperknight - romhacker & text implementation specialist

  Download links :
Patch Files+Readme : TBA  |  Useful Tools : Download Link

  Run=Dim News :
* 25.05.2021 - Final turn!
We are slowly approaching the end of the translation of the RUN=DIM project. Esperknight fights against pointers and ram by extending the limit of texts in dialogues. Hope the final beta tests and bug fixes will start in June.

* 7.04.2021 - New system & menu video!
Here is! Another update!
I have prepared a new video showing the completely translated game system, all menus, gfx fixes and contracted missions in action. The video is waiting for you at YT link:
Update in numbers.
Graphics: 100% translated / 100% converted
Videos: 100% translated / 100% converted
Script: 100% translated / ~ 20% converted
Items, System, Menus, Stats: 100% translated / 100% converted

* 20.03.2021 - Game script = done!
Dear fans,
Good news. RafaMGam has translated the entire script available in the game from Japanese!
Now it's time to convert the rest of the graphics, movies and painstaking implementation of the tests. We also managed to test the game system - everything works fine. Keep your fingers crossed for further work.

RUN=DIM English Test
Update in numbers.
Graphics: 100% translated / 100% converted
Videos: 100% translated / 0% converted
Script: 100% translated / ~ 10% converted

* 4.03.2021 - One more time! A knight on the horizon!
Esperknight joined the our team once again. He is a specialist in romhacking and Atlas text implementation known e.g. from the Napple Tale, Shikigami no Shiro, Yarudora and Blue Submarine no.6 projects. Thanks to him, we hope the works moved forward strongly and manual changes will be automated. Thank you!

* 11.02.2021 -
The first test
Here is! The first test and beta video of the start of the Japanese to English translation of RUN = DIM as Black Soul running on a real SEGA Dreamcast console. The video is available on my YT channel at the link :
How is the work progressing? English font work ^^ I found and hacked all graphics containing Japanese text. The next step is to find all dialogues, descriptions etc. which RafaMGam will translate carefully and slowly. Finally, there are videos of the character's Bio and the biggest 1ST_READ.BIN file waiting for us.

* 27.01.2021 - Project Website
The project page has been launched. There you will find updates on the progress of the translation and other important information. Videos will also appear on my YouTube channel.
Our previous projects such as Karous, L.O.L Lack of Love, The Lost Golem and finally Blue Submarine no.6 ~ Time & Tide ~ are still very popular among SEGA Dreamcast fans, so I hope that you will like this project and the game itself.
All our works is on :

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The status huh? In the first phase, I focused on hacking non-standard PVR graphics and viewing the structure of all files on the GD-ROM, and exporting all Japanese texts available in the game.


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